Clydesdale Liberal Democrats

So What Have the Lib Dems Ever Done for Us?

I mean, they just prop up Labour, don't they?

Well, they did get an extra £55m into Scottish education.

OK, But apart from that

And if your kids go to university, they won't be faced with a £1,000 bill before they're even allowed through the door.

Well obviously, we all know about that. But what about the rest? They've just abandoned their principles to get power.

Well....... Scotland now has the most powerful Freedom of Information Act in the UK. A pretty basic Liberal Democrat principle, put in place by a Liberal Democrat Justice Minister.

It's easy to find one example…

Actually over 70% of their manifesto promises are in place or being delivered.

Oh well, that can't be many.

185 to be precise.

Well, that's just paper promises. What about real life?

Free personal care for the elderly has been delivered, unlike in England.

Look, you're missing the point here. Everyone knows they're a useless bunch that can't win.

That's why they've got more MPs than the SNP?

That's not...

And more Scottish councillors than the Tories?


So what was your point again?

What? Oh, right, er, so apart from putting extra money in education, scrapping tuition fees, a fair deal for teachers, free personal care for the elderly, freedom of information and all the rest……..WHAT HAVE THE LIB DEMS EVER DONE FOR US?

Look, how does this sound? We give them a say in Government, and they give us what we want from it.

Er.... I suppose when you put it that way, it actually sounds quite good.

Doesn't it?

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