Clydesdale Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats' candidate for Clydesdale is Fraser Grieve. Fraser lives in Lanark and was the Scottish Liberal Democrats' candidate for Clydesdale at the 2003 Scottish Parliament election and Lanark and Hamilton East, at the last general election, when he came second.

PR - as easy as 1-2-3!

Thanks to the Liberal Democrats, this year's council elections are the first to be held under proportional representation. You elect three or four councillors by listing them in order of preference - 1,2,3, it's as easy as that. That means you're not tied to a particular party or person. You can vote for all the candidates a party puts up if you want, but if a person form another party impresses you, you can give them one of your votes. That's real power, and will help to break the undeserved party stranglehold which many of Scotland's councils have suffered from for so long.

Think we're exaggerating? Take a look at South Lanarkshire and Glasgow results in 2003 for an example of what's wrong with the current system.

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Think a small party can't make a difference? Ask yourself:-

What have the LibDems ever done for us?

You might be surprised!

Want more information on the party? Visit the Scottish Liberal Democrats web site.
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